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Juddering sounds nasty

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Created by Thomsongti6 on 07 Sep 2014 11:15

Thomsongti6 on 07 Sep 2014 11:15

Good morning all!

recently I have noticed when reversing into my parking space last night or any other night tbf, I'm getting a juddering from the gear box area not sure if it's diff, gearbox, shaft or gearbox mount needing adjusted or I don't know wondering if anyone else had this and could shed some light on it? 



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Pebbles on 07 Sep 2014 11:54

Brake discs binding slightly? As they spend most of their life working in one direction they can make quite a racket going in the other direction.

Try a reversing maneuver using only the handbrake to slow yourself and see if the noise continues. 


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Thomsongti6 on 07 Sep 2014 12:22

Normally I'm not braking at all because I'm reversing up a slight hill. It's as though the engine is trying to stall but no matter how high I rev or don't rev it doesn't make a difference.


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ian7675 on 09 Sep 2014 16:39



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Steve954 on 12 Sep 2014 21:59

I would say engine mount! Had the same problem on my old one.


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Thomsongti6 on 13 Sep 2014 10:16

I thought it sort of sounds like a mount moving putting stress on a shaft but it's all new vibratechnic engine mounts about 4 months old


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