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Phase 3 Differences to Phase 2

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Created by thugpuggin on 24 Aug 2014 09:54

thugpuggin on 01 Jun 2007 03:04

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thugpuggin on 01 Jun 2007 03:05
Having seen various threads and contributing to them. I thought it was time for a definative list to end the debate that will hopefully be FAQ'd as the definateve answer that is updated if any are missed.

Phase 3 differences to a Phase 2 with The Parts Bin Special Phase 2.5 being a cacophony of parts mixture. Phase 3’s from T registration April 1999 to last production run in 2001.

Phase 3 production started on Monday 3 May 1999. Cheers Rich E Based on this fact it would explain why most T registered 6's still had phase 2 bump strip, uncolour coded and unsmoothed.



- Bonnet slightly more ridged
- Crystal headlamps & fogs (same physical unit design as Phase 2 but lenses are clear plastic rather than frosted)
- Heat reflective front windscreens
- Front splitter not fitted on most later models, problems with clearence on transporters

Engine Bay

- Accelerator cable thrown across the top of the engine rather than routed round the front
- Sound deadening different shape, covers where washer jets protrude on the underside.
- Build date sticker and paint code information on sticker on rear of suspension strut
- Late phase 3’s have a different Peugeot badge on the inlet manifold, solid lion as opposed to the earlier lion outline Thanks to Clover, Teggs other half
- No cover to the Aux Belt
- Electronic Brake Force Distribution (Electronic Brake Force Distrubution) 4 channel ABS system with a software difference between the phases
- Different cambelt and tensioner


- White Side repeaters
- Side strips smooth with a more rounded profile & colour coded
- Fully colour coded side skirts, some phase 2's didn't have them, although others did.
- Late phase 3's had a locking petrol cap which doesn't fit in the old holder on the petrol filler flap but does fit the little holder at the bottom Gazzerdaman reminding me of previous discussion


- Rear lights same but plastic ridge at tailgate bottom (which was there to match up with ph1 lights) gone.
- No rubber strip on botton of boot lid as per light explanation above
- Phase 3 Peugeot Bagdes all silver, phase 2 had black outline Gazzerdaman again
- Badges slightly different Gti 6 on the rear only not on door with GTI or the 106 style GTI (but badges seems to be an inconsistent mess anyway)
- Different wiper arm, all plastic
- Rear windscreen rubber surround flush/smoothed bonded to tailgate
- Rear washer jet built into top of tailgate instead of wiper arm/hub,
- Deeper spoiler that bolts to frame and not glass with a recess for the washer jet
to fire out of
- Rear sticker on bumper for security system for spare wheel cage.
- Different boot opener surround, no key slot and an embossed silver lion

General Body

- Late phase 3's had wheel nut covers for all nuts not just locking wheel nut
- Astor & Moonstone colour only on the Phase 3. TBC China was only a Phase 3 6 colour, was available on the limited edition DT's
- Most late P3's have sunroofs as it was then a no cost option - should coincide with head unit swap



- Silver surround around heater controls
- Small silver detail on vents as oppose to indentations
- Silver clock and temperature surround
- Revised head unit Clarion PU2294A earlier P3 have tape up front 6 disc changer in boot - Later ones have just have single cd player Clarion PU2294A up front, changer optional
- Silver lion on centre of steering wheel (airbag module the same)
- Passengar airbag off switch just under dash illumination adjuster
- Also has the blank switch for the 5 door model that locks the rear windows
- Different fusebox layout
- Phase 2 has a carpeted glove box Phase 3 do not
- Speedometer numbers on the Phase 3 dials are larger than on the Phase 2
- Gun metal finish around dials
- White needles

Pillars and courtesy console

- Remote control now RF instead of IR
- Key has lock and deadlock button and unlock button, no LED on key
- Passengar sun visor has text to refer to the on/off air bag switch
- Phase 3 had black A pillars and black ultra sonic sensor covers
- The connection for the alarm ultrasonic sensors in the A pillars has moved to the botton of the pillars by the dashboard

Drivers Footwell

- Petrol cap opener lifts up rather than push down to stop you opening it with
your foot when getting in and out - this is the same across all phases
- Accelerator pedal has rubber cover Cheers Micnic

Handbrake Console

- Silver top for gear knob instead of black
- Handbrake has silver release button


- Tyre pressure/size sticker smaller
- Phase 3 Door cards covered in black cloth, Phase 2 different cloth, Phase 1 in alacantra
- Different check strap design with curved strap & bigger check pin on phase 3
- Door switches are built into the locks instead of on conventional pin switches in the doorframe


- Side Airbags in the seats resulting in a different bolster shape to accommodate
- Late P3 has different shape headrests
- Phase 3 have storage pockets on the rear of drivers and passengar seats


- Black B & C pillars
- Covered rear speakers (stealth shelf)
- Security bolt fitted to spare wheel carrier/cage
- Boot courtesey light is completely clear no black surround.
- Roof lining is held by two screw clips rather than plastic between the rear boot pillars
- Phase 3's had a courtesy light in the roof lining in the rear aswell but not on all the gti6's though but the wiring plug is still there, under the roof lining. cheers racermike

To Be Confirmed when I next examine a phase 2 closely

- phase 3 ext. door handles are smooth.

- the front and rear arches are slightly wider on a phase 3.
not sure on this one as i think i own a second hand arch liner from a phase 2 and it fitted perfectly racermike's TBC cheers if there is a difference

Thanks to all contributors from previous threads

Feel free to PM me any differences that i've missed and i'll update


Should get a life (168)


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