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Phase 3 fuse box FAQ

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Created by thugpuggin on 24 Aug 2014 09:54

thugpuggin on 21 Jun 2007 01:33

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thugpuggin on 21 Jun 2007 01:34
As there has been random questions I thought i'd do a FAQ for phase 3 fuse numbers and what they do. Obviously all don't relate to a 6 or UK versions

Fascia Fuse Box, 28-fuse box

Fuse No. Rating Functions
1 - Spare
2 7.5A Automatic Gearbox ECU or overspeeding buzzer.
3 - Spare
4 5A Instrument panel- Passengar compartment unit - Coolant Temperature unit - Auto box lever lighting - Auto box relay - Passenger airbag - Disarming control
5 25A Reverse light switch - Auto box relay - Brake lights switch - Day running lights relay - Cooling Fan relay - Pressure switch control - Compressor relay - ABS control unit
6 5A Instrument panel - Passenger compartment protection unit - Alarm light - Luggague compartment lighting -Rear courtesy light
7 30A Heated rear screen and mirrors
8 20A Passenger compartment protection unit - Radio
9 20A Injection control unit
10 20A Hazard warnings - courtesy light
11 10A Instrument Panel Lighting - Lights-on buzzer - Clock - lighting rheostat (dash dimmer)
12 10A Rear fog light
13 - Spare
14 30A Rear windows and Heated Seats
15 20A Tow bar socket
16 30A Front windows and sun roof relay
17 20A Horn
18 10A Front Fog lights
19 10A Rear tail light
20 30A Blower
21 10A Left tail light - Number plate light - Front sidelights
22 10A Blower relay - Heated rear screen and mirrors
23 20A Lighter
24 10A Radio
25 - Spare
26 30A Front wipers and wash pump - Front wiper motor - Wiper timer or rain sensor relay
27 15A Glovebox lighting - Direction indicators - Electric mirror switch - Courtesy lights - Map reader - Courtesy mirror - Rain sensor - Passenger compartment temperature sensor
28 15A Instrument panel - Clock - Windows and heated seat relay - Rear wiper -Courtesy light

Cheers to Rich E for this photo

Engine Compartment Fuses

29 10A Left hand dipped beam
30 10A Right hand dipped beam
31 10A Left hand main beam
32 10A Right hand main beam
33 10A Diesel control unit
34 10A Oxygen sensor
35 15A Petrol pump
36 20A Headlamp wash timer
37 40A Cooling fan unit
38 - Spare
39 40A Fan unit spare fuse
40 40A Fan unit

Hope this helps with Phase 3 owners


Should get a life (168)


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